Our Concept

Our concept is simple. Source the best ingredients and make the best wine. We have done this by creating something no one else has in Asia : a fully functional urban winery. The concept is inspired by the known principle that wine does not travel well. By importing international wine making talent along with exceptional grapes, our formula will produce spectacular wine.

If one were to taste wine at its absolute best, one must go to the producing winery. Wine bruises in travel. By bringing people to the wine rather than wine to the people, we are offering the opportunity to taste wine at its optimum. Because Hong Kong demands and deserves the best.

Our process uses global management. Our master vintners travel the world to source and personally select the best grapes from each region.

Once chosen, the grapes are harvested and frozen to preserve each grape at its highest potential. Flash freezing has been proven to preserve grapes at their peak of winemaking potential and create spectacular vintages. In a frozen state, the grapes are shipped to Hong Kong where they are allowed to thaw and then production begins as it would in any boutique winery in the world. The wine is left to age in our French and American oak barrels.

As we are a specialized operation, each barrel is carefully monitored and specifically blended by our master vintner. Our limited production volumes ensure that the wines receive individual attention and elite status.

At the 8th Estate Winery, we are offering an exclusive and unique lifestyle experience. We want to share our knowledge, taste and passion for wine. We have created an environment for participation, learning and development, all for the purpose of enhancing the enjoyment of fine wine.