Stainless Steel Tanks

12th August 2010,


Project 8th: Winery Transformation - stainless steel tanks


Meet the tanks: Wan Chai (L), Central (M), Mong Kok (R)

This is how it goes...

At the crack of dawn on the 4th December 2009, Mr Bill Lo, our facilities manager (also my trusted cellar master) and I jumped on a plane to Jinan city. Jinan is located in the Shandong Province of China. From memory it's around 2.5 hours flying time out of Hong Kong.

On arrival, we were greeted by the manufacturer's salesman, Mr Zhu. Immediately we jumped into Mr Zhu's 4WD and drove off into the foggy/smoggy city. The temperature was insanely cold, 0 degrees. Don't laugh, I am Australian!

Mr Bill Lo (L), Mr Zhu, Edward McDougall (R)


Being ignorant of mainland Chinese business style I thought it would be a quick site visit, quality check, talk numbers, measure up, be done all in a few hours and back to the hotel for a snooze. Oh was I wrong.... For your information, China business trips normally consists of eating, "gum bei" ("bottoms up" in Chinese), eating, talking and more "gum bei". Note, this was at lunch time. I believe this is called developing guanxi (building face/relationship). After 4 hours of building guanxi with Mr Zhu we went to the factory.

The factory was unbelieveable! I won't say much more about the factory as you can see for yourself in the pics I've posted. Overall, the factory was cooperative, professsional and provided very good customer service.

Choose your desired winemaking weapon


Mr Bill Lo inspecting the manufacturing methods and quality control


If you are in need of gaining a few pounds, do what we did. Go to China, visit a stainless steel tank manufacturer and the rest will just happen.

Now we have the tanks, we need the grapes...Vintage Australia 2010 here we come. Lysanne and I go grape hunting, Aussie style.

One of our 90 year old Grenache Vines


Your local winemaker, E.